Khmer Cocktail Ideas

A Khmer cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients — at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit, one sweet/sugary and one sour/bitter — and including either Khmer spices and herbs or a Cambodian liqueur that infuses local spices and herbs. If you want to make cocktails in Cambodia, here is a non-exhaustive list of Khmer cocktail ideas that you can make with Sombai.
If you are in Siem Reap, you can also learn how to make Khmer cocktails with our cocktail class.

Favourite Cocktail

Sombai Fizz cocktail Siem Reap Cambodia

Sombai Fizz

by Asana

2clSombai Coconut & Pineapple
2clSombai Banana & Cinnamon
2clTriple Sec (or Curaçao for the colour)
2clLime juice
2clSugar cane syrup
Soda water

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into a wine glass. Add a dash of soda water. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Could easily be done in large quantity pouring 1 bottle of each ingredient into a large cup and adding a dash of soda water just when serving the glass.

Favourite Cocktail

Ginger Mojito cocktail Siem Reap Sombai Cambodia

Khmer Ginger Mojito

6clSombai Ginger & Red Chili
3clTriple Sec
2clSugar syrup
1Lime juice
12Mint leaves
3Slices ginger
Ginger Ale

Muddle ginger in base of the glass. Add mint and lightly muddle (just to bruise). Add the first four liquid ingredients, stir and fill with crushed ice. Top up with ginger ale.

Favourite Cocktail

Sombai Sour cocktail Siem Reap Sombai

Sombai Sour

by Le Méridien

6clSombai Ginger & Red Chili
3clLime Juice
3clSugar syrup

Shake well the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a Rock glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Lemongrass Tini cocktail Le Méridien Siem Reap Sombai

Lemon Lemongrass Tini

by Le Méridien

4.5clSombai Lemon & Lemongrass
1.5clMartini dry

Stir the ingredients gently in a Martini glass. Garnish with a lemongrass stick and/or a full lemon peel.

Sombai Blue cocktail Le Méridien Angkor Siem Reap

Sombai Blue

by Le Méridien

4.5clSombai Coconut & Pineapple
1.5clBlue Curaçao
3clLime juice
4clPineapple juice
1.5clSugar syrup

Shake well the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a lowball glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Tom Yum cocktail Mie Café Siem Reap

Tom Yam

by Mie Café

3clSombai Galangal & Tamarind
3clTriple sec
2clMartini dry
1/4Kefir lime leaf
1Small slice of Galangal

Mix and crush lemongrass, kefir leaf and galangal to obtain a paste. Add it into a shaker with the liquors and some ice cubes. Shake it well and serve in a Martini glass with a lemongrass stick and a kefir leaf.

Favourite Cocktail

Siem Reap Monsoon cocktail Sombai Asana

Siem Reap Monsoon

by Asana

2clSombai Mango & Green Chili
6clSombai Lemon & Lemongrass
2clLime juice
6clSugarcane juice
1Kefir lime leaf
2Rice paddy herbs

Coarsely chop the herbs. Put the herbs and the liquids in the shaker Shake well the ingredients with ice. Filter and pour into a wine glass. Garnish with a rice paddy rice herb or a kefir lime leaf.

Sombai Strudel cocktail Siem Reap Cambodia

Sombai Strudel

4clSombai Banana & Cinnamon
12clApple juice

Serve chilled with 1 ice cube and garnish with a slice of banana.

All season spiced wine

75clRed wine
35clSombai Banana & Cinnamon
35clInfused black tea
125gBrown sugar
1Small mandarin

Wash the mandarin. Nail the cloves to the mandarin. Pour the liquids and the sugar into a saucepan. Put the cloved mandarin into the saucepan. Heat up to simmer a few minutes.
In winter: As a mulled wine, pour it hot into a mug or a tea glass with holder.
In summer: As a Sangria, let it cool down and serve it in a wine glass with ice cubes.

Favourite Cocktail

Pina Cambodia Pina Colada Siem Reap Sombai cocktail

Piña Cambodia

7.5clSombai Coconut & Pineapple
15clPineapple juice
5clCoconut milk
2.5clSugar syrup

Add some ice, shake it well in a shaker and pour it into a tall glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple.

Cloudy Monsoon

4clSombai Anise & Coffee
2clDark rum
4clCoconut milk
1 pinchCocao powder

Gently stir the spirits and the coconut milk with a spoon in a whiskey glass, then sprinkle with the cocoa powder.

Favourite Cocktail

Sombai Sling

by Asana

4clBombay Gin
2clSombai Galangal & Tamarind
2clCherry brandy
4clPineapple juice
2clLime mix (lime and sugar)
2clGrenadine syrup
1 dashAngostura bitter

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into Poco Grande glass. Garnish with pineapple and maraschino cherry.

Bitter Tamarind

6clSombai Galangal & Tamarind
6clGinger Ale
6clTonic water

Serve chilled with 1 ice cube and a slice of ginger.

Cambodia Libre Cocktail Siem Reap Sombai

Cambodia libre

6clSombai Lemon & Lemograss
12clCoca Cola

Serve chilled with 1 ice cube. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Spicy pineapple cocktail Sombai ginger Siem Reap

Spicy pineapple

6clSombai Ginger & Red Chili
12clPineapple juice

Serve with 1 slide of ginger, ice cubes and a wedge of Pineapple on the glass.


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    1. Hi Daria,

      Unfortunately nobody sells Sombai Liqueur in the Sates. But if ever you know people interested in importing it in bulk quantity, we would be happy to be in contact 🙂


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    1. Hi John,
      We would love to make this happen also. But for that, you need to find a licensed importer/distributor as we don’t have any in the US. We are not even allowed to send bottles by post way.
      If you know someone interested, feel free to give our contact details.


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