After creating Sombai, Joëlle diversified the range of products and added some delicious speciality foods inspired from her passion for one-of-a-kind taste under her surname “Joe”.

Joe’s flagship products are a premium liqueur with Kampot pepper and alcoholic jams, and also other unique products using speciality foods from Cambodia…

Premium liqueur: Joe’s Kampot Pepper Liqueur

Abacaxi (Pineapple & Red Kampot Pepper)

Abacaxi means pineapple in Portuguese and is here combined with red Kampot pepper.

Harvested when the berries are fully ripe on the vine, the red Kampot pepper adds an additional powerful and fruity spiciness to the sweet pineapple.

This dazzling fruit-forward liqueur is ideal to accompany fruity deserts. You can simply splash it on a mango or passion fruit sorbet for a unique and superb way of ending a dinner.

Moscati (Raisins & White Kampot Pepper)

Named because dried raisins are the base of this liqueur, the Moscati combines a welcoming sweet factor to the more subtle spiciness of the white Kampot pepper.

Close to fortified wines like white Port wine or Banyuls, you can indulge in it as an aperitif or digestif. This flavour-packed sipping treat ideally tops a scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream for unbelievably delicious homemade rum and raisin dessert.

Perfect as a dessert wine option, chocolate desserts would find a magnificent pairing partner in a glass of Moscati.

Umami (Cherry Tomatoes & Black Kampot Pepper)

Umami is the only recently recognised “fifth taste”, after salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Our predilection for this taste is a fascinating piece in the jigsaw of our gastronomic evolution since studies confirmed that our mouths contain taste receptors for this savoury taste.

Umami is why we can’t stop eating ketchup. Ripe tomato is probably the most umami ingredient in western cuisine. This particular taste has also been noticed in parmesan, roasted onions, cheese, soy sauce, roasted meat, Vegemite/Marmite. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Umami is the most astonishing liqueur with flavours talking to the sweeter side of enthusiasts and winning over many unsuspecting palates. This sweet surprise wrapped in spiciness through the combination of cherry tomatoes and black Kampot pepper, triggers this fifth taste.

Other speciality food products with Joe’s Cuisine

Speciality foods under Joe’s Cuisine brand also include less alcoholic or non-alcoholic local products.

Aromatised cooking salts

Made using Kampot sea salt, we added local and international spices in a balanced proportion to make a flavourful aromatised cooking salt that will give a kick to all your meals.


Khmer food is a lot about spices. We propose red Khmer curry, lemongrass powder and amok spices into nicely hand-painted jars to make a perfect souvenir or gift. Thus, this is especially welcome for non alcohol drinkers.

Alcoholic jams

The latest craze is the finger-licking good alcoholic jams. Jams always trigger wonderful childhood memories in all of us; Joëlle added her special twist to turn every single breakfast into a festive brunch. This sweet paste concentrates so much aroma enhanced by the alcohol that you cannot stop eating it. You can enjoy it on a piece of toast or pancakes and also use it to turn your dishes into gourmet meals. So far we have 3 flavours inspired by the Joe’s Kampot Pepper Liqueurs

Boozy AbacaxiSpeciality food Boozy Abacaxi Joe's Alcoholic Jam by Sombai Siem Reap



Merry MoscatiSpeciality food Merry Moscati Joe's Alcoholic Jam by Sombai Siem Reap Cambodia



Tipsy UmamiSpeciality food Tipsy Umami Joe's Alcoholic Jam by Sombai Siem Reap


… and one from the Sombai flavour Coconut & Pineapple tuned into a crunchy cocktail jam:

Piña ColadaSpeciality food Piña Colada Joe's Alcoholic Jam by Sombai Siem Reap

More flavours to come…

Speciality food Siem Reap - Boozy jam - Pina Colada - Joe's Cuisine

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