Sustainability & Responsibility

Sombai social business Siem Reap Cambodia

Responsibility in recycling

It is our responsibility to make recycling. Therefore, at the workshop, we have 4 ways to recycle the materials that we use to produce Sombai:

  1. Compost
    As we use a lot of fruits on a daily basis, the peels kept aside are used to make a compost. This compost is then used to fertilise our garden.
  2. Re-use of bottles in good shape
    Several customers who use Sombai in their restaurants or bars return the empty bottles so we can re-use them in our production line and reduce the amount of waste. Clients participating to this program include:

  3. Transformation of old bottles into new products
    Aside of our usual hand-painted bottles, we have a stock of old bottles that we cannot re-use in the production line. We have asked our painters to make a special line of decorative bottles, thus contributing to less waste.
  4. Magazine paper bags
    We collect old magazines and transform them into fashionable, eco-friendly paper bags for our small and medium size bottles in order to avoid using non-degradable polluting plastic bags.

Responsibility in health and social care

Our main way to act responsively is to take care of our Cambodian staff first. Hence we have created a “Sombai Family Fund” (SFF) scheme. The SFF’s objective is used to cover for our staff’s:

  • health expenses (doctor, hospital, dietary supplements, hygiene products),
  • education expenses (computer, English, Chinese, Japanese courses),
  • contribution to special expenses (wedding, birth, death of a close relative).

The SFF is funded by a percentage of the sales at the workshop (5% to 10%).

For a Greener World

In order to promote the green, sustainable and responsible behaviours, we have joined GIGO (Green Industry Green Organization) and we give our support as often as necessary.

Green vehicule eTuk Siem Reap Sombai

We participate as often as possible in the Clean-Up Temple Town program in order to keep our environment clean and also to raise our staff’s awareness to these environmental matters.

Our company vehicle is a a electronic Tuktuk, called eTuk. It is used to pick up our visitors and deliver to our customers.

Also, for better hygiene we ask a high standard Integrated Pest Management service to protect our production site. Indeed, limiting use of chemical and applying HACCP procedure to protect our staff from health hazards.

Giving dignity to mute and deaf painters

We have started integrating mute and deaf painters in our staff. For them, it is the best way to live with dignity from their passion. For us, it is our responsibility to give back to the weakest in the Community.

Pholla started in August 2016 and we expect to hire more deaf and mute painters in the near future.

Deaf and mute painter social business responsibility SombaiDeaf and mute painters Responsibility Social business Sombai










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