”Flavors of Cambodia in a Glass:” A Tasting of Sombai Rice Wines

Sombai is one of the creative and successful business ventures to have come out of Siem Reap this decade. The brain-child of expat couple, Lionel and Joelle Jean Louis, it is a home-grown business centered on the creation of rice wines infused with fruits and herbs abundant in Siem Reap. Sombai, pronounced ‘som bai’ literally translates to ‘rice please’ in Khmer language. Their catalog features eight (8) flavors which match different palates and cultural inclinations, perfect for a tourist destination such as Angkor. Sombai runs its own workshop and laboratory which any interested person might come to visit. This is a short tuk-tuk ride from Navutu Dreams. It is also a ‘tasting station’ both for the avid and the curious. Each infused wine is stored for sale in colorful, artistically decorated bottles. The bottles are hand-painted by Khmer artisans with humble backgrounds.Navutu Dreams is pleased to partner up with Sombai for some delicious cocktails which may be had from the bar of its Niam Niam Restaurant. Sombai products are also available at very affordable retail prices for guests wanting unique souvenirs of their Angkor visit. 

Guests staying at Navutu Dreams will be treated to a special event, “Flavors of Cambodia in a Glass:” A Tasting of Sombai Rice Wines on August 28, 2015, from 6-7 pm.


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