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Sombai is sold in various souvenir shops, night markets and supermarkets all over Siem Reap. Only the label versions are available in supermarkets. As for the hand-painted bottles, you can find them at the 2 night market stalls and souvenir shops. You will be able to choose from a wide array of unique designs particularly at the Sombai shop where you can have a free tasting after visiting the production workshop.

Souvenir Shop

Duty Free Store

Night Market



2 thoughts on “Souvenir Shop & Market

  1. Will be travelling to Siem Reap in October and would like to know how much the large bottles are priced as I would like to buy some for Christmas Presents

    1. Hi Audrey,

      Our large bottles (700ml) cost $13 and $20 when hand-painted. A colourful palm leaf box is included when you buy the hand-painted version. The large hand-painted bottles will be found at the workshop, Angkor Night Market and Made in Cambodia Market only
      If you want to come at the workshop, you can come on your own or book a time slot and a pick-up there (to be sure that the driver knows the way):



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