Liqueur workshop and artisanal souvenirs in Siem Reap

A wide range of home-made liqueur and artisan products in an artistic khmer house plus a curated souvenir shop. You can try 10 different liqueurs and 5 alcoholic jams. They will make a perfect gift and unique souvenir for your family and friends.

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Tasty Liqueur and Alcoholic Jam

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Flavour Room

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Siem Reap Artisan

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Activity cocktail

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Hand painted bottles

At Sombai, the hand-painted bottles are created by young Cambodian artists. They represent: Angkor, of course, and also the Apsara dancers, the Cambodian countryside and daily activities on the Tonle Sap Lake. All these images are captured as a memento from your stay in Siem Reap.
The bottles are colourful, proudly ‘wearing’ a traditional krama on the cap or around the bottle neck. The Sombai painted-bottles enable you to buy souvenirs or offer a wonderful gift both very original and unique. Moreover, some small fit-for-carry-on luggage bottles are also available. This will allow you to bring it back even if you do not have any check-in luggage.

3 options to visit us


Tasting Visit

On top of the free visit, taste all our flavours, liqueurs and alcoholic jams.
$3 direct booking$5 via TripAdvisor

Cocktail Class

The Tasting visit plus learn how to make 3 khmer cocktails with our bartender
2h activity - 5 to 7 pm
$19.90 direct booking$24.90 via TripAdisor

Customers Love Us

Worth the visit

We had a fun stop here with very friendly staff, taste testing all the samples and beautiful art work on the bottles. Would recommend it!

Mei-hsi chiu

We were there on our final day in Cambodia. The friendly staff was kind enough to give us a tour and tasting on the whole product line without a reservation :) really like their natural tastes and witty collaboration with local artist!
Will definitely recommend friends to visit next time

Enjoyable Tour

We were looking for a quick activity on our last afternoon in Siem Reap. This was perfect. Shown the various containers of maturing liqueurs, followed by tasting liqueurs and alcoholic jams. Very tasty and make great presents. Our guide was very informative and polite.

They talk about us

Get a free workshop visit

Interested in taking a souvenir from Siem Reap back home?

Feel free to come to our workshop. We bring the best artisans and souvenirs for you to choose the perfect gift.
Sculptures, paintings, art and even beautiful Khmer scarves and weaving.

Siem Reap cocktail class

2 hours activity :
Learn how to make 3 cocktails with Sombai
Enjoy your 3 drinks + taste
10 liqueurs
5 flavours of jam

Sombai Liqueur

available in 100 ml - 200 ml - 250 ml and 700 ml
displayed the 200 ml

Anise & Coffee

Combination of badian and coffee beans. Ideal as an apéritif to enjoy the natural virtues of anise and coffee. As a digestive after a nice dinner, the coffee taste that lingers on your palate keeps you coming for more…

Banana & Cinnamon

A blend of sweet and spicy, the prevalent taste of cinnamon gives a festive touch to this flavour. Perfect to accompany a dessert, namely the famous banane flambée with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Mango & Green Chilli

With a high fruity tang, relatively sweet, and a pleasant spicy touch, this flavour is the women's favourite. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, with a mango-based dessert or made from other exotic fruits.

Coconut & Pineapple

Cambodian version of the Piña-Colada, with a sweet hint and coconut predominance. So be careful, this drink can be scrumptiously treacherous.

Galangal & Tamarind

Clearly the most exotic flavours of the 8, mixing the sweetness and acidity of the slightly candied tamarind to the spicy aroma of the fresh galangal.

Ginger & Red Chili

The spiciest flavour of the range, combining 2 hot flavours that have been smoothly softened. Ideal to wake up any kind of appetite without burning your stomach.

Lemon & Lemongrass

Inspired by a recipe common in traditional Khmer medicine, lemon being an excellent natural tonic while the infusion of lemongrass has proven anti-fungal and calmative virtues. This Cambodian Limoncello makes a delectable digestive.

Joe's liqueur

Joëlle diversified the range of products and added some premium liqueur inspired from her passion for one-of-a-kind taste under her surname “Joe”.
displayed the 250 ml


Umami is the only recently recognised “fifth taste”. Ripe tomato is probably the most umami ingredient in western cuisine. The Umami is the most astonishing liqueur with flavours talking to the sweeter side of enthusiasts and winning over many unsuspecting palates.


Pineapple combined with red Kampot pepper. Harvested when the berries are fully ripe on the vine, the pepper adds an additional powerful and fruity spiciness to the sweet pineapple. This dazzling fruit-forward liqueur is ideal to accompany fruity deserts.


Named because dried raisins are the base of this liqueur, the Moscati combines a welcoming sweet factor to the more subtle spiciness of the white Kampot pepper. Perfect as a dessert wine option, chocolate desserts would find a magnificent pairing partner in a glass of Moscati.

Joe's Alcoholic Jams

The latest craze is the finger-licking good alcoholic jams. Jams always trigger wonderful childhood memories in all of us.
available in 35g and 250g

Tipsy Umami

displayed with the 35g box
This savoury jam combines a surprising flavour between strawberry and plum to the kick of the black Kampot pepper. The touch of alcohol adds an exciting component to this bestseller. Pairs well with a cheese platter.

Boozy Abacaxi

displayed with the 35g
On the sweeter side, the pineapple married to the spicy red Kampot pepper makes for a perfect Sunday brunch morning toast or pancake. Turn your chicken into an amazing dish with a spoonful of this flavourful jam to add a sweet and spicy glaze.

Merry Moscati

displayed with the 35g
Evocating the fortified port wine flavour, the combination of raisins and white Kampot pepper creates a flavour-packed dense jam that pairs well with Foie Gras. Another bestseller during Christmas time.

Piña Colada

displayed with the 35g box
Coconut and pineapple are obviously the main ingredients of this unique jam. Like the interior of a Bounty without the chocolate, this cannot-stop-eating goody is often finished within the hour of opening. Sweeter than the other flavours, it is perfect mixed with a scoop of ice cream.

Mango Daiquiri

displayed with the 250g
The name says it all. Sweet mango married to fresh green Kampot peppercorns and a good dose of alcohol. This most fruit-forward jam is just a treat for the taste buds on its own or spread on waffles and fluffy pancakes.

Sustainability & Responsibility


We have integrated mute and deaf painters in our staff. The best way to live with dignity from their passion.


Act responsively taking care of our staff. We have a “Sombai Family Fund” used to help for our staff’s need.


Magazine paper bags, transformation of old bottles into new products and compost.

Sombai is a liqueur made in Siem Reap

Sombai – pronounced as “som bai” – means “some rice, please” in Khmer.

The main idea behind Sombai was to provide a product that is both beautiful and tasty. It is an old dream that we made come true.

In fact, when we arrived in Siem Reap we were quite disappointed with what there was on the market because we eventually found few products made in Siem Reap.

Our best friends were about to come visit us. What a great opportunity to spend quality time together! We wanted to make barbecues with fish and poultry from the area, prepare large fruit salads, mix delicious smoothies and make them discover good local drinks … Everything was there, except the good local drink… We then decided to do it ourselves, with local products and knowledge acquired in the islands that matches a local tradition of Cambodia.

And then we wondered how to create a beautiful packaging with a local touch. We went to a school in the city where young Cambodians were learning to paint. Some seemed clearly talented, and a few even gifted. We asked them if they knew how to paint on glass. And yes, they could do it! It was way beyond what we were hoping for!

Then friends, who manage bars and restaurants in town, wanted to offer Sombai to their clients. They are actually always looking for new products made in Siem Reap.

So, that is how everything started…

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Wat Damnak - Siem Reap - Cambodia


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